Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smartr api - a free api to build apps like Smartr, Flipboard and Lazyscope

Applications like Flipboard, Lazyscope, and are all built using backend technology that prefetches web content, and cleans it up for better readability.

We've come across many developers with great ideas for apps but who get stuck with the implementation and scaling of an algorithm that does cleanup. So we're putting out our backend servers through a free api so you can build amazing applications without worrying about all the backend stuff!

Try it out at

This api has three main features :
  1. provides an embeddable piece of multimedia for almost any link,
  2. provides important metadata about content inside a webpage ( text, title, images, videos, etc in json format) and finally,
  3. renders most webpages into a beautiful readable format for phones and tablets.